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The acceptance of the IEEE 802.11 WLAN technology (aka WiFi) as a reliable platform and the willingness to deploy enterprise wide WiFi networks, provides a new and highly integrated way to deploy Next Generation Duress and Emergency Wireless Communications solutions.


The ability to support voice communications, locational duress, and integrated messaging on a WiFi platform, in addition to the basic mobile computing capability, makes WiFi the ideal choice in an enterprise wide wireless platform.

The ability to use RTLS (Real Time Location System) technology with the WiFi network to locate Assets and People adds another dimension to Ascom's WiFi solution.

Whether trying to protect people or increase efficiency and productivity, Ascom has a range of products and solutions that can enable these business outcomes to be achieved in Healthcare, Agedcare, Manufacturing, Education or Retail.


The Ascom i62 WiFi handset range is a standards based family of handheld devices that will complement any voice capable 802.11 b/g/n WLAN infrastructure.


The Ascom i62 is an absolute stand-out. It displays talent, leadership, team work and flexibility.


Talent - Multi functioned handheld
The i62 leverages more than 10 years of R&D (Research and Development) by Ascom in handset design and functionality.


As a result the i62 provides...

- high quality Voice communications
- complete Duress and Lone Worker capability

- Man-Down and No-Movement alarm capabilities
- integrated Messaging functionality

- and all in one lightweight and compact chassis.


Leadership – Supporting the latest technology
The i62 is also a world leader and is the first handset to utilise the extended power of 802.11n networking.

The i62 provides significant improvement on it's predecessor, the i75, with the following capabilities...

- TFT colour display
- Enhanced centralised management
- IP44 water and dust resistance
- High capacity lithium polymer battery
- Standard 2.5mm headset connector

Team work – Easy to manage
Through an intuitive web-based tool, known as PDM (Portable Device Manager), system administrators can manage an i62 handset regardless of it's location.

Whether on a remote site or while in active use, administrators can change parameter settings and perform software updates on an i62 without needing to have the handset with them.

The i62's OTA (Over The Air) interface means that managing large fleets of wireless handsets is very simple.

Flexibility – One handset; so many options
The Ascom i62 is SIP compliant and can integrate with any SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) IP-PBX.

It's standards compliant WiFi design enables the Ascom i62 to operate on any manufacturers WiFi network. Currently the Ascom i62 is certified with Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent / Aruba Networks, Meru Networks, Trapeze Networks and will soon be certified with Siemens (Enterasys) and Extricom.

The Ascom i62 is available in 3 models...

- Talker
- Messenger
- Protector


The Talker supports high quality wireless voice communications, while the Messenger adds a managed 2 way messaging capability. The Protector enables wireless locational Duress capability and utilises No-Movement and Man-Down capabilities.

RTLS (Real Time Location System)

RTLS systems enable assets and people to be located within a building or campus using a WiFi network.


When people need to immediately locate important equipment or specific people in order to improve safety or efficiency, this can be quickly done with a high degree of accuracy.


In fact any asset with an Ekahau tag attached, or any person carrying an Ekahau tag or Ascom WiFi handset, can be located to within three (3) metres – providing the WiFi network has been correctly designed and implemented.

The Ekahau RTLS system will operate over any brand or generation of WiFi network with either a “thin” or “fat” access point architecture.

As a pure play RTLS solution the Ekahau system does NOT require dedicated hardware (e.g. exciters or readers) and generally requires minimal additional communications and power cabling.
The Ekahau system uses highly innovative software algorithms to compute the location of tagged objects and can easily scale to support tens of thousands of monitored devices on a single server.

The Ekahau RTLS system can track the following devices...

- Ekahau Asset tag: A small device that can be attached by several means to any asset.
- Ekahau Staff tag: A lightweight tag, generally worn on a lanyard, that features programmable push buttons, an inbuilt pager with an OLED display, and a dedicated “pull-cord” personal alarm.
- Ekahau Patient tag: A lightweight tag, generally worn on a wristband, that features a programmable push button.
- Ascom i62 WiFi handset: The fully featured Ascom VoWiFi handset with Duress and Messaging capability.
- Smart phones: Microsoft Windows operating system based smart phones.
- Laptops: Microsoft Windows operating system based laptops.

Ekahau/Ascom partnership