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For many years Ascom has been a global leader in the design and provision of modular, reliable and robust DECT networking equipment.


The latest generation of DECT, referred to as IP-DECT, which integrates the traditional DECT air interface with TCP/IP networking, offers the following advantages...

IP-DECT architecture diagram
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- seamless integration with QoS enabled converged IP networks
- simple and open standards integration with all IP-PBXs using SIP
- an industry leading range of office and ruggedised handsets plus peripherals
- seamless integration of proven alarms, messaging and voice applications e.g. DURAsuite and

- world class expertise in deploying and managing DECT wireless systems in all environments.

As a result our IP-DECT solutions provide customers with...

- optimal reliability
- stringent wireless security
- enterprise grade voice quality
- maximum functionality

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Using combinations of base stations with internal or external antennas and wireless repeaters, Ascom can deploy IP-DECT systems to provide complete wireless coverage of any building or campus area.

Today Ascom IP-DECT systems can be deployed with traditional TDM PBXs using analogue gateways. These gateways can then be retired when the TDM PBX is upgraded to support IP-Telephony or is replaced with an IP-PBX. This is a very cost-effective way to deploy the latest wireless technology on an older telephony platform.

Ascom is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of the Aastra / Ericsson, Mitel and Shoretel IP-DECT systems and the Ascom IP-DECT systems are Alcatel Application Partner Programme (AAPP) certified.