Posted Mon, 05/04/2009 - 19:28 by Ncallister


ENSUREsuite is an application suite specifically designed to manage "mission critical" and "life critical" messages and alarms.

Typically used in areas where reliability and robustness are mandatory like hospitals, agedcare facilities, industrial operations, and prisons, ENSUREsuite is deployed alongside DURAsuite in many facilities in Australia and New Zealand.


ENSUREsuite is a set of software modules that manages the distribution

and logging of critical alarms and messages, plus adding open channel speech capabilities for response co-ordination.

ENSUREsuite is Java based and operated on an industry standard Linux appliance hence providing exemplary stability and reliability.

ENSUREsuite is developed in Australia by Ascom. With a dedicated development team of eight staff and an ambitious development roadmap, ENSUREsuite is a highly innovative and customer focused application.

ENSUREsuite is designed with simplicity in mind...