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Industrial, manufacturing and petrochemical

Within industrial, manufacturing and petro-chemical environment's Ascom's solutions enable...

- Quicker responses to production disturbances
- More cohesive responses to production disturbances
- Increased Lone Worker protection
- Increased Working at Heights protection
- Real time alarm delivery
- Ruggedised handheld units
- Intrinsically safe handheld units


In the event of a production disturbance, ensuring that the right information is sent to the right person at the right time is the starting point in reducing potential losses and re-establishing optimum productivity.

Ascom's solutions integrate with production management and control systems (e.g. SCADA and PLC) to immediately distribute alarms and critical messages to the wireless handheld units of the relevant engineering, maintenance and management staff. With the advanced 2-way-messaging approach, if the initial recipient(s) are not in the position to immediately respond they can trigger an escalation path that will optimise the chances of a rapid response.

It is generally accepted that the best method to provide an immediate alarm notification is to broadcast an easy to read text message to wireless handheld devices. Similarly it is globally agreed that the best method to co-ordinate an effective emergency response is by traditional voice communications - everyone in an open channel listening and informing as events progress. Ascom's solution enables the response team dealing with a production disturbance to communicate openly from DECT or WiFi phones, cellular phones and wired telephones. As a result key personnel who are not on-site can still be a valuable part of the rectification process.

Staff who work alone or who work at heights can be provided with an increased level of safety when equipped with a wireless duress device that provides man-down and no-movement alarms, in addition to push-button and pull-cord alarms. Ascom's Next Generation Duress System also enables the immediate distribution of the alarms to a response group with accurate location information and complete logging of the entire process for post incident reporting.

With simple to use and highly automated messaging and paging capabilities, Ascom's solutions enable rapid and robust broadcast notification of emergencies (e.g. duress alarms, fire alarms, hazchem alarms etc.) to relevant emergency response staff regardless of their location.

The Ascom wireless handheld units are specifically designed to be used in an industrial environment because...

- They are water, dust and drop resistant
- They can be cleaned with alcohol based wipes
- They are multi function devices that provide Telephony, Push-to-Talk (PTT), 2-Way-
   Messaging and Next Generation Duress
- They are completely integrated with the DURAsuite clinical applications suite.

Ascom also provide a range of IECEx compliant intrinsically safe devices for the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Within the industrial environment Ascom typically integrates with the following external and management systems...

- Production management (e.g. SCADA, PLC, ERP)
- Environmental control (e.g. BMS, HVAC)
- Security (e.g. Fire, Access Control, Motion detection)