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Increasingly important in today's schools is the need to have clear and effective emergency procedures to handle security threats. Ascoms' solutions enable schools of all sizes and levels to coordinate immediate responses to security situations, such as evacuations or lock downs. In addition, lone-worker or mobile staff can raise alarms anywhere on the campus if they, co-workers or students are under threat.

Ascom's emergency communications systems are perfect for campus environments where raising alarms-  and systematically co-ordinating cohesive responses with minimum panic and potential for error- are vital.

From primary and high schools to university and TAFE campuses, Ascom's systems are ideally suited because they are...

- Wireless for total mobility
- Easy to operate for effective use under pressure
- Capable of instant notification for rapid response
- Unobtrusive and easily incorporated into the normal working procedures of staff

In any educational institution there are several threat scenarios that exist and require technology solutions, in conjunction with well defined human process, to minimise the risk...

Intruder Management
Most schools strive to build and maintain strong community bonds and as a result high fences, locked gates and stringent access control are not preferred. Therefore, in most cases, anyone can walk straight into school environments unchallenged. The ability to immediately raise an intrusion alarm and communicate this subtly to all staff is a must.

Student Injury and Medical Conditions
In most pre-school, primary and secondary schools the instance of pupils with life-threatening food based allergies is increasing annually. Dealing with severe food allergies, anaphylactic attacks and serious injuries requires staff to be able to readily raise an alarm regardless of their location to summon immediate first aid assistance and paramedic backup. Only Ascom's wireless communications systems truly enable this.

Evacuation or Lock-down
All too often we hear of catastrophes in overseas educational institutions where the inability to simultaneously communicate with all staff across the whole campus is cited as a major contributing factor in not performing a successful evacuation or lock-down. Ascom's wireless emergency communication solutions enable all staff to be provided with succinct instructions immediately regardless of their location.