Corrective & Prisons

Posted Mon, 01/19/2009 - 15:35 by admin

Corrective & Prisons
Ascom ensures personal security for all staff and inmates and secures an efficient workflow. Supporting the seamless interaction between clients/staff and preventing unwanted events guarantees optimised comfort and protection levels. This is achieved by enabling staff to always be reachable and making certain that the right action is taken in every situation. Prison Officers are, for example, easily located by the different alarm systems that Integrated Wireless provides. Not only does this make for a more attractive workplace, it also reduces overall operational costs.


Ascoms' solutions feature ruggedised handheld devices that are water,dust and shock resistant, as well as a unique application platform (hardware and software) that is inherently resilient and ideal for mission-critical communications.

Using the latest Ascom handheld devices guards can have the functionality of a duress unit, a pager, an internal phone and a 2-way-radio all in the one device.