Wandering Patient

Posted Mon, 05/04/2009 - 19:00 by Ncallister

Wandering prone residents in Dementia care areas require close monitoring to ensure they don't put themselves in harms way. Ascom's Wandering Patient solution enables the discreet controlling of doors to stop patients wandering out of designated areas.

With Ascom's solution doors can be left open for staff and visitors to freely move throughout the facility however when the wandering prone residents, who are equipped with an RFID tag, come close to the door, the door can be automatically locked and an alert can be immediately dispatched. Typically alerts are sent to staff carrying handheld messaging devices (e.g. Pagers, messaging capable DECT and WiFi phones) and also static display panels (e.g. Enunciator and Nursecall panels).

When the resident eventually moves away from the door it will then be automatically unlocked. While the door is temporarily closed staff can use the door-side control panel (or the Access Control system) to enter and exit the door.

In addition staff wishing to escort residents outside the designated area can key in an "escort code" on the door-side control panel to open the door and enable the resident to leave with them.

In the event of a fire alarm, all doors will be automatically opened to allow staff and patients to quickly leave the designated area however each egress is logged.

Each door-side panel has battery backup so that it can still operate during a power failure.