Voice / Speech

Posted Mon, 01/19/2009 - 15:57 by admin

It is generally accepted that the best method to provide an immediate alarm notification is to broadcast an easy-to-read text message to wireless handheld devices.

Similarly it is globally agreed that the best method to co-ordinate an effective emergency response is by traditional voice communications - whereby instructions can be issued in real-time, and as conditions/situations change, response team members on the ground can provide feedback.

During pressure situations like this, simplicity of use and sound clarity in noisy environments are absolutely vital.

Ascom's solutions enable co-workers to do the following...

- Wireless Voice Comunications on their Ascom wireless handheld units (Intercom)
- Call IP-PBX extension or PBX extension telephones (extension-to-extension dialling)
- Dial external support resources of emergency services (e.g. 000, SES, Ambulance)
- Enter into open channel groups to converse with colleagues
- Enter into open channel groups with Push-to-Talk capability.