Posted Mon, 05/04/2009 - 18:46 by Ncallister

Within large-scale healthcare, agedcare, corrective and government facilities there is a continual need to dispatch mission critical and life critical alerts to large groups of people who could be anywhere within the facility.

Whether its calling a Code Blue in a hospital, or coordinating an evacuation in a large government facility, Ascom's broadcast paging solution enables operators to send messages from an intuitive PC based GUI to recipients carrying Ascom handheld units, POCSAG pagers, mobile phones and mobile email devices (e.g. PDAs and Blackberries).

Ascom's paging solutions also enable basic communication whereby operators can send telephone call back requests and lower importance alerts to specific individuals.

When integrated with staff management systems, which define and control rosters, pages can be sent to a job specific pager or wireless handheld unit and the rostered staff member will receive the message.