Duress & Alarms

Posted Mon, 01/19/2009 - 15:55 by admin

In work environments where staff are at risk from violent attack by clients or the public, or where they work alone, there is a clear need to provide ways of immediately raising a Duress alarm (also known as Personal alarms, Panic Alarms or Man-Down alarms) and notifying others of the situation.

At risk mobile staff, regardless of whether they are operating within a building, a campus environment, the wider community, or in remote locations, require personal protection tools. Ascom's Next Generation Duress Systems provide complete duress solutions.

Ascom's Next Generation Mobile Duress solutions lead the field in providing complete Duress functionality for all market segments.

It is a statement of the obvious to say that over the past 10 years the incidence of both verbal and physical attack on workers who deal with the public has increased. Moreover, it is of considerable concern that staff in many high impact areas still depend on either difficult to reach wall mounted fixed duress points, exceptionally basic wireless pendants or mobile phones.

Again it is a statement of the obvious to say that every second shaved off the response to a Duress incident is vital so why not employ systems that optimise the response by minimising the response time?

Ascom's Next Generation Mobile Duress systems provide several technological enhancements that basic systems do not support. These enhancements can remove considerable chunks of time from any response by putting accurate information immediately in the hands of those who need to know and making it easy for them to co-ordinate an effective response.